– The Fierce Fit Method –
Develop Strength, Power & Agility

Bringing together…gymnastics strength training, street workout, and parkour…!

We’re dedicated to helping build / master your body – a strong engine, supple.. powerful… give you the fierce energy to take on life – whatever that means for you

Start where ever you are

No matter if first pressup or advanced HSPU progressions – we take you on the journey at a pace…

Build Power & Strength

Build Power & Strength

Working towards body weight mastery skills such as front and back lever, flags, muscle ups, planche and more

Mobility and Agility

Mobility and Agility

By continuously challenging the body with a variety of agility drills, concepts and approaches – from animal crawls to banded stretching…

Workouts & Skills

Workouts & Skills

All delivered as Fierce workouts to build your engine and develop these skills – 45 mins of mobility conditioning, followed by skills work, then a grind.

– The Fierce Way –
Patience, hard work, determination, support and the right approach

– Personal Training –
Three Locations in Auckland, NZ

With so many online marketing options available – the secret is all about knowing the best strategies for YOUR business – and refining them so that you can maintain a great return on your marketing spend.

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Real Time Tracker

To create software that people will actually use, you need to create software that’s simple and easy to use.


We create simple prototypes that can be transformed to efficient User experience

Activity Reminder

Our specialized in-house QA team does the review and testing of all the software we build.

All the money spent on advertising won’t mean a thing if your website cannot ‘sell’

– Classes & Workshops –
Fierce Fit Group Training

All too often business owners spend a lot of time and money attracting visitors to their website – yet if you’re not converting those visits in to sales – it’s all wasted money.

General Fitness

Specific Skills

Parkour & Movement

We do this by making it easy and enticing for your customers to buy from you – and by applying best practice online business methods and eliminating the issues that drive visitors to abandon shopping carts.

We also set up an in-depth monitoring system using Google Analytics so we can comprehensively test and refine your entire sales process.

The real secret to success is to nurture great relationships.

– Learn Online –
Get Fierce Anywhere, Anytime

This final, and all too often overlooked, stage is based on the fact that it’s much easier to sell to someone who already knows your business.

We accomplish this for you in two ways:

4 Week Calisthenics Conditioning Plan

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Secondly via Remarketing Campaigns – both Facebook and Google Adwords give us the smart functionality to show targeted ads to people who have already visited your website – allowing us to ‘close the sale’ on past engagement.

So whether it’s enticing them to make their first purchase or offering compelling reasons to shop with you again – these approaches will help further grow your customer base and boost sales.

Ready to Get Started?

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We’ll then get back to you with some options to consider – easy!

About Us

What makes SalesEngine the standout solution for New Zealand businesses online? We’d like to think our commitment to other business owners and a common drive towards online success.

My Dream for SalesEngine



Having helped businesses large and small  over the past 15 years I have been fortunate to witness the good and bad of online business, web design and online marketing.

These experiences left me wanting to achieve the almost impossible – offer a top quality professional service, an amazing product that actually works for our clients, make sure delivery is prompt and efficient, and do this all for an affordable price.

In essence I just want to remove the barriers for New Zealand business owners to succeed online – and during this, create a loyal customer base where we can all work towards a common goal.

Can’t wait to work with you on your next project!